Best Family History Software

Exploring the top family history software options available, including Evaheld, which empowers people to preserve their legacy today and into the future.


Evaheld is an all inclusive Legacy and Care planning platform that empowers people to future-proof their voice for better wellbeing outcomes, and preserve their story and legacy for their loved ones and future generations!

And then Evaheld safekeeps them, only securely and independently delivering them directly to your loved ones, as per all your chosen preferences, including such things as delivery on milestone future dates, such as your young grandchild’s 21st Birthday or your child’s 60th birthday. Unlike for many of us, your loved ones and future generations can access your story and legacy as a source of advice, comfort and wisdom in the future.

Popular content: Personalised video messages for children, grandchildren and unborn grandchildren & milestone birthdays; Care planning; Memoirs; Family history podcasts, and Storybook readings. The possibilities as to what you can create are endless!

Evaheld’s legacy content provides you with an avenue for storing a legacy shared with loved ones. Whether it's a memorial picture of a family portrait, or a collection of audio/video recordings stored securely in a keepsake for future generations, Evaheld serves a tangible reminder of the beautiful moments we shared with those who are no longer physically with us.

By securing legacy content through Evaheld, we can transport ourselves back to a specific moment in time, reigniting the emotions and feelings associated with that memory. They help us remember the details that time may fade, ensuring that the legacy and impact of our loved ones live on through generations.

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Exploring your ancestry and digging into your family's past can be a fascinating journey filled with valuable insights and connections to your heritage. There are various platforms that offer a treasure trove of genealogical records with collaborative features to share and enhance research. At Evaheld, the packages offered allow users to generate legacy content that retains past memories, and enables future generations to explore their ancestry further, with secure lifetime storage of content. Using family history software to collect ancestry data, then keeping it safe through a keepsake is something those wishing to hold onto their legacy should consider.

Largest Database of Genealogical Records

One such software renowned for connecting its users with their family tree, is Ancestry. One of the standout features of Ancestry is its vast database of genealogical records, making it a go-to resource for individuals looking to trace their family history. With millions of records spanning across various regions and time periods, Ancestry provides users with a wealth of information to uncover their roots.

Whether you're searching for birth certificates, marriage records, census data, or immigration records, Ancestry's extensive collection makes it easier to piece together your family tree.

Navigating through a plethora of genealogical records can be overwhelming, especially for beginners or those unfamiliar with the research process. Ancestry addresses this challenge by providing users with a user-friendly interface that simplifies the search and discovery process.

The platform's intuitive design and layout allow users to easily navigate through different record categories, search for specific individuals or events, and save relevant information for future reference. Whether you're a seasoned genealogist or a novice explorer, Ancestry's interface caters to individuals of all skill levels, making the journey of uncovering your family history a seamless and enjoyable experience.

By incorporating features such as advanced search filters, interactive timelines, and customizable family tree views, Ancestry empowers users to delve deep into their ancestry with ease and efficiency. The platform's commitment to user experience ensures that everyone can embark on their genealogical journey with confidence and clarity.

Considering the data collected upon using Ancestry, such as genealogical records, users can use Evaheld to keep this data safe and in the form of a keepsake for future generations to follow. This is in the form of digital and physical packages, with the QR Connection and Heirloom Connection respectively.

Doing so in the present, will ensure future generations can look back on the ancestry data collected. Having such a guarantee will provide peace of mind, knowing future generations can reminisce.


Are you looking to dive deep into your family history and connect with long-lost relatives? Look no further than MyHeritage. This innovative genealogy platform offers a range of features that make exploring your roots an engaging and enlightening experience.

Smart Matching Technology

One of the standout features of MyHeritage is its smart matching technology. This cutting-edge tool scours the platform's extensive database to identify potential relatives and make connections based on shared ancestry and other relevant data. Whether you're just starting your family tree or looking to fill in missing branches, MyHeritage's smart matching technology can help you expand your genealogical horizons.

Similarly, Evaheld can provide more value for a user of this platform. Future generations will be able to view their past family tree from a keepsake left for them by a family member such as a grandparent.

This is in the form of digital or physical packages, with the QR Connection and Heirloom Connection respectively.

Doing so in the present, will ensure future generations can look back on the ancestry data collected. Having such a guarantee will maintain everlasting connections, knowing future generations can explore an unlived past.

DNA Testing Kits

Those seeking even deeper insights into their genetic heritage, could explore DNA testing kits. These kits allow you to uncover your ethnic origins, explore genetic health risks, and connect with DNA matches across the globe. By delving into your genetic code, you can gain a more comprehensive understanding of your family history and potentially discover relatives you never knew existed.

Exploring your family history can be a captivating journey filled with untold stories, connections to your past, and a deeper understanding of your heritage. With Evaheld, the possibilities for how one utilises their family history are endless, the more you delve into the richness of your ancestry.

Interactive Family Tree Builder

Creating and maintaining a family tree is made simple and interactive with MyHeritage's family tree builder. This intuitive tool enables you to document multiple generations, add photos and videos, and share your findings with relatives near and far. The multimedia capabilities of the family tree builder bring your ancestors to life, making it easy to preserve and share your unique family story.

Whether you're a seasoned genealogist or just beginning to explore your heritage, MyHeritage offers a wealth of tools and resources to help you on your journey of discovery. From smart matching technology to DNA testing kits and an interactive family tree builder, MyHeritage provides everything you need to connect with your past and build a stronger sense of identity and belonging.

Once again like all the other examples, Evaheld provides more value for a user of this platform. Future generations will be able to view their past family tree from a keepsake left for them by a family member such as a grandparent.


The best family history software ranges from our very own Evaheld, with its ability to safeguard legacy content for future generations, to Ancestry, MyHeritage, and DNA Testing Kits. Evaheld is able to add benefits to the user experiences of each of these softwares.

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