Evaheld as a benefit for ACT Seniors Card Holders

Evaheld is delighted to announce exclusive benefits to seniors and carers through ACT Seniors Card Program, providing discounts tailored to enrich the lives of seniors throughout the Australian Capital Territory.

The ACT Seniors Card offers a range of benefits and discounts to older residents in Australia. This blog delves into the eligibility requirements, application process, and the perks of holding an ACT Seniors Card.

The ACT Seniors Card program offers various benefits and opportunities to older individuals in the community. Administered by COTA ACT on behalf of the ACT Government, this initiative aims to recognise and appreciate the valuable contributions made by seniors within the region. Let's delve into the key aspects of the ACT Seniors Card program:

The ACT Seniors Card Program

The ACT Seniors Card is a part of a national scheme that acknowledges the significant role played by older individuals in their local communities. This card provides access to a range of discounts and services offered by participating businesses. Permanent residents of Australia aged 60 years or over, who work less than 20 hours per week in paid employment, are eligible to apply for an ACT Seniors Card.

COTA ACT, a reputable organization, administers the ACT Seniors Card program on behalf of the ACT Government. The main objective of this program is to enhance the quality of life for seniors by providing them with exclusive benefits to make their daily lives more convenient and affordable.

Recognition of Older Individuals' Contributions

The ACT Seniors Card program stands as a token of appreciation for the invaluable contributions made by seniors in their respective communities. By offering discounts, concessions, and special offers through the Seniors Card, the ACT Government ensures that seniors have the support and recognition they deserve.

Moreover, the collaboration between government and private businesses in providing discounts highlights the importance of fostering a community that values and respects its elderly population. This initiative not only benefits seniors economically but also strengthens the bond between different sectors of society.

In conclusion, the ACT Seniors Card program is a testament to the commitment of the ACT Government and COTA ACT in uplifting the lives of seniors and acknowledging their significance in the community. By facilitating access to various discounts and services, this program creates a more inclusive and supportive environment for older individuals in the ACT region.

Evaheld is now a ACT Seniors Cardholder benefit

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As an ACT Seniors and Carers Card holder, you are entitled to a 10% discount on any Evaheld packages, using the code ACT10.

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Benefits and Discounts

Access to savings on goods and services is a significant advantage that individuals can enjoy through various discount programs. For seniors in the ACT, this benefit is further enhanced through the ACT Seniors Card program, offering a wide range of discounts from over 300 participating businesses.

By availing the ACT Seniors Card, individuals gain access to exclusive discounts and benefits provided by a combination of government and private businesses listed in the Discount Directory. This collaboration aims to support seniors in the community by making essential goods and services more affordable and accessible.

  • Enhanced Savings: The primary benefit of the ACT Seniors Card is the opportunity to save money on a diverse array of goods and services. Whether it's discounts on grocery shopping, dining out, or healthcare services, the card provides tangible financial benefits to its holders.

  • Extensive Business Participation: With over 300 businesses participating in the program, seniors have a wide selection of establishments to choose from when seeking discounts. This diverse range ensures that seniors can find savings in various sectors, catering to their different needs and preferences.

  • Government and Private Collaboration: The collaboration between government and private businesses in the Discount Directory showcases a collective effort to support seniors in the community. This joint initiative combines resources and expertise to provide seniors with valuable discounts and benefits across different sectors.

In conclusion, the ACT Seniors Card offers not only monetary savings but also a sense of community support and appreciation for the older generation. By utilising the discounts and benefits provided through the program, seniors can enhance their quality of life and enjoy more opportunities while engaging with various businesses and services.

Downloading the Seniors Card Directory for Reference

Seniors can also benefit from downloading the Seniors Card Directory, which serves as a comprehensive reference guide to all participating businesses and their respective offers. This directory provides detailed information about each business, including the type of discount offered, contact details, and any specific terms or conditions associated with the offer.

Having the Seniors Card Directory on hand allows seniors to easily browse through different categories of businesses, ranging from restaurants and retail stores to entertainment venues and service providers. By referencing the directory, seniors can efficiently plan their outings or shopping trips based on the available discounts, maximizing their savings and overall experience.

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