Evaheld Wins Social Impact Startup of the Year & Most Innovative Memorialisation & Care Planning Business

Evaheld has recently been awarded Social Impact Startup of the Year 2024 and Most Innovative Memorialisation & Care Planning Business 2024, in the APAC Insider’s Australian Enterprise Awards.

Evaheld Wins Social Impact Startup of the Year & Most Innovative Memorialisation & Care Planning Business

APAC Insider is an organisation that focuses on celebrating innovative and industry-leading companies across the Asian Pacific region.

What is Evaheld?

Evaheld is a Legacy and Care planning app that empowers people to enjoyably create all sorts of legacy style content for their loved ones and future generations, as well as easily future-proof their voice to ensure better care and wellbeing outcomes.

People are supported through the entire creation process, with the world’s most comprehensive suite of legacy content types and in-browser video, audio and written content creation (or uploads), and of course secure lifetime storage. People also have full management over their recipient, privacy and future delivery preferences, safeguarding their privacy, independence, and connections to loved ones today, and into the future.

The problem Evaheld solves

Evaheld was founded because while nearly 60% of Australians have a Will, only 10% have engaged in care planning content, and less than 2% of people have created any personalised legacy content for their loved ones, which means that people’s voices are not being future-proofed to ensure better wellbeing outcomes in the future, nor are their stories and legacies being preserved for their loved ones and future generations. And after ten years of volunteering legacy services to people in their end of life, Evaheld’s founders knew that these dire figures were not due to a lack of desire, but other inhibitors which its platform has solved, making it accessible, easier and more enjoyable than ever before to create Legacy and Care planning content.

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Evaheld’s Social Impact

Evaheld was founded out of a desire to make a positive impact in these spaces and directly address these gaps, and research and community feedback is clear that doing so has had a significant impact on people's emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing, with its community reporting significant outcomes, such as an enhanced sense of purpose and peace of mind, which in turn has an immense collective social impact, which will only get greater, and as such we feel very honoured to receive the Social Impact Startup of the Year award as recognition of our work.

Evaheld is a trailblazer in the legacy and care planning space, and is the only platform of its kind that has a unique Wellbeing System which is able to identify and verify when a user has passed away without having to be notified by a third party (unless they’d like to), maintaining people’s privacy, autonomy and independence at all stages of their journey, as well as guarding their connections today and into the future.

Global Impact

Evaheld’s all inclusive platform combines the two most comprehensive Legacy and Care Planning suites available online and in the world, making it easier and more enjoyable than ever before to complete this content. The Legacy suite empowers users to create any type of sentimental legacy content that has meaning for them, such as Memoirs, Future video Birthday Messages for loved ones, Family History Podcasts, and a community favourite, Video Messages for unborn grandchildren. The Care Planning suite empowers users to future-proof their voice and wellbeing, with users able to complete all forms of content, including lifestyle and social history questionnaires provided by a leading Dementia Care provider, all the way to Advance Care Planning. Our community all have secure lifetime storage and full management over their recipient, privacy and future delivery preferences, safeguarding their privacy, independence, wellbeing and connections to loved ones today, and into the future.

Evaheld has users and established partnerships in Australia and globally, including the U.S., U.K., and Canada, and its footprint is rapidly growing.

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Our Story

The founders volunteered this service personally for a decade before transforming it into a digital platform after the Covid pandemic. Gomes lost one of her closest friends to breast cancer at a young age, and her friend was devastatingly anxious that her two young children would not remember her and that she would not be there for them in the future, so she created legacy content for them to receive in the future. Costa lost her father to dementia leaving, and she does not have any video or audio content of him, and is slowly forgetting the sound of his voice... And it was quickly obvious to both of them that a deep longing for eternal connection exists amongst all of us, with everyone they encounter sharing similar stories about loved ones they’ve lost, and of whom they wish they had more content of, or had received content from (especially audio and video content). Together, they believed that more could be done to empower eternal connection, and this was the birth of Evaheld.

Fortunately, while the ability to easily create legacy and care planning content has not been a possibility for the majority of people, Evaheld is now making it more accessible, easier and enjoyable than ever before to manage the entire process, with one of our community users, Margaret Norf, telling us that "Evaheld helped document life lessons, messages and stories for my children and grandchildren. It has given me peace of mind knowing that my legacy will be securely delivered after I’m gone.” Evaheld’s vision is a world where connections are no longer lost, but are nurtured, maintained and everlasting, and we are so humbled to accept these awards.

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If you are interested in Evaheld’s story and wish to learn more about its innovative legacy and care planning platform, please contact our team, we’d love to chat.

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