Meaningful Ageing Australia: National peak body championing spiritual care and emotional wellbeing

Meaningful Ageing Australia: National peak body championing spiritual care and emotional wellbeing

Purpose and Mission

MAA is a registered charity and the national peak body of championing the spiritual care and emotional well-being of older people receiving care in residential and community aged care settings. MMA works inclusively with a range of aged care service providers and partner organisations who are united around a common goal of full quality of life and emotional wellbeing for the older people they are serving.

MAA wants every older person to feel at ease in their life so they know and feel belonging, connection, and a sense of wholeness. They create practical resources and education events to support aged care providers to build staff confidence and capability so that they can integrate emotional support and spiritual care into their day-to-day work. MAA also provides services for those in retirement living and the wider community to feel more purposeful and connected in their lives as they transition into ageing.

  • Emotional Wellbeing: The organization places a strong emphasis on addressing the emotional needs of older individuals. Through various programs and initiatives, they create safe spaces for seniors to share their feelings, express their concerns, and seek support.

  • Retaining Their Spirit: One of the key focuses of Meaningful Ageing Australia is preserving the spirit of older people. By acknowledging their past experiences, wisdom, and unique qualities, the organization helps seniors maintain a strong sense of identity and self-worth.

  • Spiritual Care: In addition to emotional support, Meaningful Ageing Australia also provides spiritual care for older adults. They recognize the significance of spirituality in enhancing the overall wellbeing of individuals and offer services that cater to the spiritual needs of seniors.

Why they do what they do

One of the core pillars of MAA’s organization is the provision of practical resources and educational events that are specifically designed to support aged care providers. They believe that by equipping these essential caregivers with the necessary tools and knowledge, MAA can enhance the quality of care provided to older individuals, ultimately contributing to their overall well-being and satisfaction.

MAA’s commitment extends beyond just aged care providers. They also offer a wide range of

services to those in retirement living and the broader community. By engaging with older individuals in various settings, MAA aims to help them feel more purposeful, connected, and engaged with the world around them.

  • Supporting Older Individuals: MAA’s programs and initiatives are curated to cater to the unique needs and challenges faced by older individuals, ensuring that they feel understood, respected, and valued.

  • Empowering Aged Care Providers: Through practical resources and educational events, they empower aged care providers to deliver high-quality care that is compassionate, personalized, and effective.

  • Community Engagement: By reaching out to the wider community, MAA fosters a sense of inclusivity and belonging among older individuals, encouraging social connections and an enriched quality of life.

By focusing on these key areas, Meaningful Ageing Australia strives to create a more supportive and compassionate environment for older individuals, where they can age with dignity, grace, and a renewed sense of purpose.

Meaning Hope and Connection

At Meaningful Ageing Australia, the emotional wellbeing of older individuals is not just a priority but a cornerstone of our work. MAA understands the unique challenges that come with aging and are committed to championing the importance of emotional wellness for older people.

One of the key ways they approach this is through emphasizing spiritual care. While physical health is important, they believe that nurturing the spiritual side of older individuals is equally crucial. MAA’s goal is to help older people retain their spirit, feel whole, and find meaning and connection in their lives.

Through their programs and services, they provide a safe and supportive space for older individuals to explore their spirituality and connect with their inner selves. This can involve various activities such as meditation, prayer, reflection, and conversations about faith and beliefs

Spiritual care goes beyond just addressing religious practices; it delves into the core of what makes us human and helps older individuals make sense of their experiences and emotions. It is about fostering hope, resilience, and a sense of belonging, which are essential for overall wellbeing.

By focusing on spiritual care, MAA acknowledges the holistic nature of human beings and recognize the interconnectedness of mind, body, and spirit. This approach not only helps older individuals cope with the challenges of aging but also enables them to thrive and find joy and fulfillment in their later years.

Available Resources

In achieving their goal, MAA offers a variety of educational tools and resources to help achieve their mission in improving meaningful ageing for the elderly.

Comprehensive Information Guides

Meaningful Aging Australia offers a variety of information guides covering diverse topics related to aging, health, and wellness. These guides provide practical advice and expert insights to help individuals make informed decisions and navigate the aging process with ease.

Practical Toolkits

Their toolkits are designed to support individuals and organizations in promoting healthy aging and age-friendly environments. With step-by-step instructions and customizable templates, these resources empower users to implement effective strategies and initiatives.

Accessible Online Resources

A wealth of online resources, including articles, videos, and interactive tools, is available on their website. These resources offer information and support to individuals seeking answers or inspiration on their aging journey.

Personalized Support

In addition to online resources, Meaningful Aging Australia offers one-on-one support from their team of experts. This personalized guidance helps individuals navigate the complexities of aging with confidence and peace of mind.

The Benefits of Learning Events

Our learning events offer a wide range of benefits for individuals at every stage of life. For older adults, in particular, these events provide a valuable opportunity to:

1. Stimulate the Mind

Learning new things can help to keep our brains active and engaged, promoting cognitive health and reducing the risk of age-related cognitive decline.

2. Foster Social Connections

Attending learning events allows individuals to connect with others who share their interests, fostering a sense of belonging and community that is essential for emotional well-being.

3. Enhance Creativity

Engaging in creative activities, such as art classes or creative writing workshops, can help to stimulate creativity and self-expression, leading to a greater sense of fulfillment and satisfaction

4. Promote Physical Health

Some learning events, such as yoga or dance classes, can also have physical health benefits, improving flexibility, strength, and overall fitness.

Partnership with Evaheld

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Evaheld is proud to be partnering with Meaningful Ageing Australia with the aligned aim to provide older people with a sense of purpose by empowering them to preserve their personal and family legacy, a sense of competence, confidence and happiness, as well as provide a sense of comfort and peace of mind, all of which help to contribute to overall leading to improved spirital and emotional wellbeing.

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