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Losing a daughter is one of the most devastating and heartbreaking experiences that any of us can ever go through, and we’ve compiled a list of memorial gifts that can provide comfort and support during this difficult time.

Losing a daughter is one of the most devastating and heartbreaking experiences that any of us can ever go through, and we’ve compiled a list of memorial gifts that can provide comfort and support during this difficult time.

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Evaheld as a gift for grieving loved ones and families

Evaheld empowers people to preserve their story and legacy, and it also allows us to preserve the story and legacy of someone who has passed away so that it will always be accessible and a source of comfort and wisdom for loved ones, today and into the future, keeping their memory alive forever.

Evaheld is a Legacy and Care planning app that empowers people to easily and enjoyably create more than 40 types of legacy and care planning content that future-proofs their voice for better care and wellbeing outcomes, as well as preserves their story and legacy for their loved ones and future generations.

People are supported through the entire creation process, with the world’s most comprehensive suite of content types and in-browser video, audio and written content creation (or uploads), and of course secure lifetime storage. People also have full management over their recipient, privacy and delivery preferences, safeguarding their privacy, independence, and connections to loved ones today, and into the future.

Gift someone the ability to honour and preserve their daughter’s story and legacy

Personalised Keepsakes

When it comes to showing your loved one just how much they mean to you, nothing speaks louder than a personalised keepsake. These unique and thoughtful gifts are not only beautiful but also hold sentimental value that can be treasured for a lifetime. There are personalised keepsakes specifically tailored to daughters, such as ornaments and polaroids at Hardtofind, the decor and gift store.

Customised Jewellery

One of the most popular personalised keepsakes is customised jewellery. Whether it's a necklace, bracelet, or ring, having her name or birthdate engraved on a piece of jewellery adds a special touch that shows you put extra thought into the gift.

Imagine her face lighting up as she sees her name elegantly crafted into a pendant or her birthdate delicately inscribed on a bracelet. Every time she wears this piece of jewellery, she'll be reminded of your love and the thoughtfulness behind the gift. The jewellery store Francesca Jewellery offers great custom engraved jewellery pieces including necklaces and bracelets where custom messages can be written.

Engraved Photo Frames

Another meaningful keepsake is an engraved photo frame. Capture a precious moment shared with your loved one and display it in a beautifully crafted frame with a heartfelt message or date engraved on it.

Every time she looks at this photo, she'll be reminded of the special memories you've created together. Whether it's a candid snapshot from a memorable trip or a romantic moment captured on camera, preserving these moments in an engraved frame adds an extra layer of sentiment to the gift. An engraved photo could also be gifted to a family after the loss of their daughter, in loving memory of them. Gifts and Keepsakes have engraved photo frames personalised towards daughters on their site.

Handwritten Letters or Poems

In today's digital age, receiving a handwritten letter or poem is a rare and incredibly touching gesture. Take the time to pour your heart out on paper and express your feelings in a handwritten note or poem dedicated to her.

There's something deeply personal and intimate about seeing someone's handwriting expressing love, gratitude, or admiration. Whether you pen down your own heartfelt words or choose a timeless poem that resonates with your emotions, this keepsake will be cherished as a token of your affection. At Evaheld, we offer a legacy letter kit on every signup as a way to give back to our community. This would act as an ethical will of sorts, but one could choose to express messages of love alongside passing on advice/wisdom within the letter.

Personalised keepsakes not only make for thoughtful gifts but also create lasting memories that your loved one can hold dear for years to come. Whether it's a piece of customised jewellery, an engraved photo frame, or a handwritten letter, each keepsake carries a unique significance that speaks volumes about your love and appreciation.

Planting a Tree in Her Memory

One enduring way to commemorate a loved one is by planting a tree in their memory. Trees symbolise strength, growth, and life, making them a fitting tribute to a cherished individual. Watching the tree flourish and grow over the years can serve as a beautiful reminder of the enduring impact your loved one had on your life. The resources required to plant a tree are minimal, and can be retrieved from a nearby household hardware store.

When selecting a tree for this purpose, consider choosing a species that holds significance or symbolism for the person you are honouring. Whether it be a majestic oak for its strength or a graceful cherry blossom for its beauty and fleeting nature, the choice of tree can add a special touch to this heartfelt gesture.

To further personalise this remembrance, you can create a small memorial plaque to place near the tree, inscribed with a loving message or a favourite quote of the departed. This living tribute will stand as a testament to the enduring bond you shared and the memories you hold dear.

Creating a Memory Garden with Her Favourite Flowers

For those who found joy and solace in nature, a memory garden filled with your loved one's favourite flowers can be a serene and uplifting tribute. Flowers have long been symbols of beauty, love, and remembrance, making them a perfect way to honour a cherished individual. Similarly, resources can be retrieved from a nearby gardening store.

Here’s a more in depth guide on starting a flower garden.

Consider adding personalised elements to the memory garden, such as decorative stones with engraved messages, whimsical wind chimes that sing in the breeze, or gentle water features that bring a sense of calm. These thoughtful touches can enhance the beauty and significance of the garden as a sacred space of remembrance.

Donating to a Charity in Her Name

Philanthropy in honour of a loved one is a powerful way to carry forward their legacy of kindness and compassion. Making a donation to a charity or cause that held significance to the departed not only honours their memory but also contributes to creating a positive impact in the world.

Choose a charitable organisation aligned with your loved one's values or interests. Your donation can help fund vital programs, provide assistance to those in need, and create lasting change in the community.

To add a personal touch to this gesture, consider setting up a memorial fund or organising a fundraising event in memory of your loved one. By rallying friends, family, and community members, you can amplify the impact of your generosity and create a lasting legacy that honours the spirit of your beloved.

Gift Support Resources

Struggling with Grief? Seek Support Today!

Grief is a complex and challenging emotion to navigate, especially when you have experienced the loss of a child. During such difficult times, it is essential to seek out supportive resources that can help you cope with your feelings and provide you with a safe space to grieve. Evaheld’s community is a great place to start.

Here are some valuable resources that can assist you in choosing a memorial gift that supports healing:

Grief Counseling or Therapy Sessions

Grief counselling or therapy sessions can be incredibly beneficial for individuals who are struggling to come to terms with the loss of a loved one. These sessions provide a safe and non-judgmental environment where you can explore your feelings, memories, and emotions surrounding the loss of your child.

Qualified therapists or counsellors can offer specialised support and guidance, helping you process your grief in a healthy and constructive way. Through therapy, you can learn coping mechanisms, develop resilience, and work towards finding acceptance and peace amidst the pain.

Joining a Support Group for Parents Who Have Lost Children

Connecting with others who have experienced similar loss can be incredibly comforting and validating. Consider joining a support group specifically tailored for parents who have lost children. In these groups, you can share your experiences, emotions, and challenges with individuals who truly understand the depth of your pain.

Support groups offer a sense of belonging, community, and solidarity, creating a space where you can express yourself openly without fear of judgement. Through the shared stories and support of others, you can find solace, hope, and strength to navigate the grieving process.

Reading Books or Articles on Coping with Grief

Books and articles on coping with grief can provide valuable insights, guidance, and comfort as you navigate your journey through loss. Reading personal accounts, coping strategies, and expert advice can help you feel less alone in your grief and offer you new perspectives on healing and recovery.

Whether you prefer self-help books, memoirs, or psychological articles, there is a wealth of literature available to support you in understanding grief and finding ways to honour your child's memory while also taking care of yourself.

Remember, seeking help is not a sign of weakness but a courageous step towards healing. Embrace the support available to you and allow yourself the time and space to grieve in a way that is authentic to your experience.

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