The Importance of TAS Advance Care Directive

The importance to future-proof your voice and preferences to ensure better health, care and wellbeing outcomes now and in the future with a TAS Advance Care Directive

TAS Advance Care Directive

TAS Advance Care Directive involves considering and planning for future healthcare decisions, ensuring that your wishes are understood and followed when you are unable to communicate them personally. This process is crucial for individuals to have a say in their medical treatment and care, especially during times of incapacitation due to injury or illness.

Future-proof your voice and preferences for better health, care and wellbeing in the future, with Evaheld

The Importance of TAS Advance Care Directive

At the core of TAS Advance Care Directive is a documented form that articulates your preferences and instructions regarding medical treatments. This directive serves as a guide for healthcare practitioners to honour your decisions when you are incapable of doing so yourself.

To create the TAS Advance Care Directive, certain criteria must be met. Individuals must have the capacity to make decisions about their future healthcare, understand the implications of an TAS Advance Care Directive, and ensure that the directive is a genuine reflection of their wishes. Seeking medical advice in cases of uncertainty is advisable to guarantee the validity and authenticity of the directive.

  • Advanced Care Planning, as governed by the law, come into effect when an individual loses the ability to make decisions autonomously.
  • It is essential to include specific details about your values, beliefs, preferred care settings, and any treatments you refuse to provide clear guidance to healthcare providers.

What is a TAS Advance Care Directive?

TAS Advance Care Directive is a crucial document that serves as a guiding light for your healthcare preferences and decisions when you are unable to communicate or make choices regarding medical treatments. It holds significant importance in enabling healthcare practitioners to understand your desires and which medical interventions you do or do not wish to receive.

Written Document

An TAS Advance Care Directive is a written document that encapsulates your wishes, values, and directives related to your healthcare. It is crafted in a way that clearly outlines your preferences for medical treatments.

Activation Upon Incapacity

The TAS Advance Care Directive only becomes effective when you are incapacitated, either permanently or temporarily, and are incapable of making informed decisions regarding your healthcare. At this critical juncture, the TAS Advance Care Directive steps in to guide medical professionals in aligning with your choices.

It's essential to understand that the execution of an TAS Advance Care Directive is governed by specific legalities, such as the Guardianship and Administration Act 1995 in Tasmania. To formulate a valid TAS Advance Care Directive, certain prerequisites need to be met, ensuring that the document accurately reflects your healthcare wishes and values. Moreover, the involvement of witnesses and adherence to legal guidelines are vital to its credibility and application in healthcare settings.

By proactively creating an TAS Advance Care Directive, individuals not only assert control over their medical care but also ease the burden on their loved ones and healthcare providers during challenging times when decision-making capacity is lost. Through thoughtful consideration and proper documentation, an TAS Advance Care Directive serves as a beacon illuminating your healthcare preferences, fostering a sense of empowerment and assurance in times of vulnerability.

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Requirements for TAS Advance Care Directive

When it comes to making an TAS Advance Care Directive, there are specific requirements that need to be met to ensure the process is legally sound and in line with the individual's wishes. Let's delve into the essential points that one must consider before creating an TAS Advance Care Directive:

Ability to make decisions about future healthcare

The primary requirement is the ability to make informed decisions regarding one's future healthcare and treatment. It is crucial that the individual is mentally capable of understanding the implications of the decisions they are making.

Understanding the consequences

Before drafting, it is imperative to comprehend the consequences of such a document. TAS Advance Care Directive outlines a person's healthcare preferences if they become unable to communicate or make decisions themselves. Understanding the gravity of these implications is crucial for making informed choices.

Ensuring decisions are made freely and voluntarily

Another vital aspect of creating an TAS Advance Care Directive is that the decisions should be made without any external pressure. It is essential that these decisions reflect the individual's genuine desires and are not influenced by others. It is crucial to ensure that the TAS Advance Care Directive truly represents the person's values, beliefs, and wishes regarding their healthcare.


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Evaheld Care Planning Suite: Empowering Better Care and Wellbeing outcomes today and into the future.

In this article, we delve into Evaheld’s comprehensive Care Planning Suite, designed to empower individuals by preserving their identities and ensuring their wishes for better care and wellbeing today and into the future. The suite comprises two essential sections:

About Me

Evaheld’s “About Me” section captures vital content that preserves a person’s identity and personality. Future caregivers gain valuable insights into an individual’s character, enabling them to align care outcomes with the person’s unique attributes—even if communication becomes challenging or impossible. This section includes Evaheld’s most popular self-preservation content and expert-curated questionnaires from Dementia Support Australia, providing a holistic view of the person’s life:

Produced by Evaheld

  1. “My Memoir” - A fulfilling and profound way to encapsulate a person’s life, character, values and most significant moments.
  2. “Legacy Letter” aka Ethical Will - An impactful way to encapsulate your most important life experiences and transmit your values and blessings to your children, grandchildren, or other loved ones.

Produced by Dementia Support Australia

  1. “About Me - In Brief”: A concise overview of personal preferences, interests, and lifestyle.
  2. “About Me - In Depth”: A more detailed exploration of the individual’s background, values, and life experiences.
  3. “Lifestyle and Social History”: A comprehensive overview which provides a holistic view of the person’s life.

Advance Care Planning

Evaheld’s Advance Care Planning section focuses on preserving autonomy and preferences related to medical care today and into the future. It addresses scenarios where individuals may be unable to make decisions due to incapacity at that future time, whether in the short or long term. Key features of this section include:

Comprehensive Advance Care Plan Questionnaire

  • The platform prompts you with a comprehensive questionnaire covering various aspects of your care preferences.
  • You’ll answer questions related to medical treatments, life-sustaining interventions, and quality-of-life considerations.
    • Evaheld’s Advance Care Plan covers all of the essential elements of a comprehensive Advance Care Directive, including:
      • Personal details
      • Guardianship
      • Personal Values
      • Emergency Preferences
      • Care Preferences
      • Organ & Tissue Donation
      • Personal Notes
      • Doctor & Health Team Details
      • Party Assisting with Documenting
      • Statement of Understanding
      • Witness Statement
    • The platform prompts you with a comprehensive questionnaire covering various aspects of your care preferences.
    • You’ll answer questions related to medical treatments, life-sustaining interventions, and quality-of-life considerations.

Personalised Choices

    • Based on your responses, Evaheld tailors your advance care plan to your specific wishes.
    • You can express your preferences regarding resuscitation, hospitalization, pain management, and more.

User-Friendly Interface

    • Evaheld provides an intuitive platform that guides you through the process step by step.
    • The user-friendly interface ensures that you can create your advance care plan without any technical difficulties.

Legal Validity

    • The digital advance care plan generated by Evaheld is legally valid.
    • It serves as a Common Law Advance Care Directive, ensuring that your wishes are legally recognized.

Emergency Access

    • Your advance care plan is accessible 24/7 via a QR code.
    • In emergencies, healthcare providers can quickly scan the QR code to access your preferences and provide appropriate care.

Trusted Contacts

    • Evaheld automatically shares your plan with trusted contacts.
    • Nurses, carers, doctors, and emergency department staff can access the information when needed.

Peace of Mind for Families

    • By creating an advance care plan, you relieve your loved ones from making difficult decisions during critical moments.
    • Your family will appreciate your thoughtful preparation, and conflicts can be minimised.

Australian-Based and Secure

    • All data is stored securely on Australian servers (ISO 27001 certified).
    • You can trust that your information is safe and confidential.

Remember that advance care planning is essential for ensuring that your healthcare preferences are known and respected. Evaheld streamlines this process, making it accessible and legally valid.

By combining identity preserving About Me and choice preserving Advance Care planning, Evaheld ensures that individuals’ voices are heard, and their wishes carried out, throughout their care journey.

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