What to Send When Someone Dies Instead of Flowers

When someone passes away, it can be difficult to know what to send to the grieving family. Here are some thoughtful alternatives and unique ideas regarding what to send when someone dies instead of flowers.

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Personalised Gift Baskets

Gift-giving is a wonderful way to show your appreciation and love for the special people in your life. Personalised gift baskets are a thoughtful and heartfelt way to cater to the needs and preferences of the recipient, making them feel truly valued. Whether it's for a family member, friend, or colleague, creating a customised gift basket allows you to curate a selection of items that will bring joy and comfort to the recipient.

Include Items Catering to Family's Needs and Preferences

When putting together a personalised gift basket for a family, it's essential to consider their unique needs and preferences. Think about what each family member enjoys and what would make their lives easier or more enjoyable. For example, if they have young children, including items like colouring books, snacks, or small toys can be a thoughtful gesture. If the family is health-conscious, you could include organic snacks, herbal teas, or fitness accessories. These are some great, personalised and unique ideas for ​​what to send when someone dies instead of flowers or other cliche floral gifts.

Additionally, consider the family's hobbies and interests. If they love gardening, a selection of seeds, gardening tools, and plant-themed items would be appreciated. For a family that enjoys cooking, gourmet ingredients, recipe books, or kitchen gadgets could be perfect additions to the gift basket. Gardening gifts are a great choice as it encourages the greiving family and friends to step outside and provides them with a distraction to ease their thoughts. Sow ‘n Sow is a fantastic business that creates these gardening gift bundles, which are much more quick and convenient than DIY-ing a gardening hamper yourself. If you would instead prefer gifting specific gardening tools, then the Backyard Botanist provides a plethora of unique gardening-related gifts for this purpose and are a perfect gifting option too.

Comfort Items like Candles, Tea, or Cosy Blankets

Adding comfort items to the gift basket can create a cosy and relaxing atmosphere for the family to enjoy. Candles with soothing scents, a selection of high-quality teas, or soft and warm blankets can make chilly evenings feel more inviting. These comfort items not only add a touch of luxury to the gift basket but also show that you care about the family's well-being and relaxation.

Consider the season when selecting comfort items. In the colder months, a plush blanket and a set of aromatic candles can help create a warm and inviting ambiance. In the summer, a selection of refreshing teas or cooling eye masks can offer relief from the heat. Definitely consider looking into some of these businesses and supporting the unique gifts they sell if you want to provide a more thoughtful gift in response to what to send when someone dies instead of flowers. If you would prefer the option of purchasing a hamper rather than building one from scratch, then have a look at some local gift hamper businesses that can deliver in your area. Some great businesses we have found that provide gift hampers are Gourmet Basket, and The Hamper Emporium. These are both amazing options as they not only provide an extensive variety of luxury hampers, but they also have specific sympathy hampers that are best suited to situations such as these - when you would like to share your condolences and comfort with the bereavement family.

Personalise the Basket with a Heartfelt Note or Message

One of the most important aspects of a personalised gift basket is the thought and care put into it. Adding a heartfelt note or message can make the gift even more special and meaningful. Take the time to express your feelings and appreciation for the recipient, letting them know why they are important to you and why you chose each item in the basket.

If you are conflicted with how to best answer the question of, “what to send when someone dies instead of flowers”, then you can also include personalised items such as custom-made gifts, monogrammed accessories, or handcrafted pieces that reflect the recipient's personality and interests. Adding these personal touches shows that you went the extra mile to make the gift truly unique and tailored to the recipient.

Remember, the goal of a personalised gift basket is to make the recipients feel valued and appreciated. By including items that cater to their needs and preferences, adding comfort items for relaxation, and personalising the basket with a heartfelt note or message, you can create a gift that truly makes a lasting impression.

Memorial Trees or Plants

Losing a loved one is never easy, but finding a way to honour their memory can bring comfort and solace. One beautiful way to pay tribute to the deceased is by planting a memorial tree or plant. Not only does this gesture provide a lasting tribute, but it also creates a living memorial that can grow and flourish for years to come. It can be tough deciding what to send when someone dies instead of flowers, so why not take the notion of flowers one step further with memorial trees or plants?

Provide a Lasting Tribute

When you plant a tree or plant in memory of a loved one, you are creating a lasting tribute that will stand the test of time. Unlike traditional memorials that may fade or deteriorate over the years, a living plant will continue to grow and thrive, symbolising the eternal nature of love and remembrance.

Every time you see the tree or plant, you will be reminded of your loved one and the special memories you shared together. It can serve as a comforting presence and a source of strength during times of sadness or reflection. Trees for a Change is a brilliant organisation that can assist you with planting your memorial dedication trees which you can choose to be planted across a variety of forests across the globe. Likewise, Living Legacy Forest is another similar tree planting service which focuses on planting within Australian native forests, and The Gifted Tree is a U.S-based business that supports this purpose as well. We definitely recommend that you check out some of these options to help you in creating a long-lasting legacy and tribute to your loved one.

Choose a Meaningful Tree or Plant

When selecting a tree or plant for a memorial, it's important to choose something that holds special meaning. Consider the deceased's favourite tree or plant, or select a species that has symbolic significance. For example, a flowering cherry tree symbolises beauty and the transient nature of life, while a strong oak tree represents endurance and strength. Remember to be careful with your decision of memorial tree or plant but try not to overthink your idea too much as we guarantee that other people will also be in the same boat as you, confused about what to send when someone dies instead of flowers, which can be quite overdone.

Research different types of trees or plants to find one that resonates with you and your loved one. Whether it's a colourful flowering plant or a majestic tree, the important thing is that it holds a special place in your heart and reflects the personality or spirit of the person you are honouring.

Include a Plaque or Marker

To personalise the memorial tree or plant, consider adding a plaque or marker with a personalised message. This can include the name of the deceased, their birth and passing dates, or a meaningful quote or inscription that captures their essence. This is a great gift option for what to send when someone dies instead of flowers.

The plaque or marker serves as a permanent reminder of the person you are honouring and adds a personal touch to the memorial. It can also provide a focal point for reflection and remembrance, allowing visitors to pay their respects and connect with the memory of your loved one.

Overall, planting a memorial tree or plant is a beautiful way to honour the memory of a loved one and create a lasting tribute that will stand the test of time. By choosing a meaningful tree or plant and including a personalised plaque or marker, you can create a special place for remembrance and reflection that will bring comfort and solace for years to come.

Donations to a Charity or Cause

One of the most meaningful ways to honour the memory of a loved one who has passed away is by making donations to a charity or cause that held significance to them. Not only does this act serve as a tribute to the deceased, but it also provides a positive impact on the community or a cause they deeply cared about. Here are some thoughtful ways to consider incorporating donations into the funeral arrangements or memorial services:

1. Make a donation in the deceased's name to a cause they cared about

Consider donating to a charity or organisation that the deceased actively supported during their lifetime. Whether it was a local animal shelter, environmental conservation group, or a food bank, contributing to a cause that held a special place in their heart is a meaningful way to celebrate their life and continue their legacy. It may be a tough decision to make regarding which charity or organisation you would like to provide a donation to, as it can always get overwhelming deciding what to send when someone dies instead of flowers.

2. Support a charity that aligns with the family's values

If there wasn't a specific cause that the deceased was particularly passionate about, you can choose a charity or organisation that aligns with the values and beliefs of the family. By selecting a charity that resonates with the family members, you can collectively honour the memory of your loved one by making a positive impact on a cause that reflects your shared principles. Some great examples of well-known, global charities that you may choose to consider for memorial donation gifting are:

3. Offer a meaningful way to honour the deceased's legacy

Donations can also be a way to create a lasting legacy for the deceased, and is a much more sentimental gift option if you are unsure about what to send when someone dies instead of flowers. You can establish a scholarship fund, sponsor a community project, or donate to a cause that will positively impact future generations in memory of your loved one. By investing in something that will endure and benefit others, you are ensuring that the legacy of the deceased lives on and continues to make a difference in the world.

By incorporating donations to a charity or cause into the funeral or memorial arrangements, you are not only honouring the memory of the deceased but also contributing to a greater good that reflects their values and beliefs. It is a gesture of love, compassion, and generosity that can have a lasting impact and serve as a meaningful way to pay tribute to a life well lived.

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Donating to a charity or providing unique and personalised gifts in memory of a deceased loved one is a meaningful way to honour their legacy. If you are stuck on deciding on what to send when someone dies instead of flowers, then consider choosing a cause they cared about, aligns with family values, or creates a lasting impact to ensure their memory lives on.

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