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Dementia TLC: Education and Support for Dementia

DementiaTLC is an organisation that aims to educate and provide support for all those affected by Dementia, including those living with the condition, their loved ones, carers, family, friends, colleagues, professionals, and all those that could benefit from a little bit of knowledge or support.

Dementia Support Australia: Understanding Dementia

Dementia Support Australia (DSA) is a free nationwide support service for people living with dementia and their carers. They offer 24/7, 365 days a year help to carers in Australia.

Rebecca Wellner: Advocating for Dementia Care and Connection

Rebecca advocates for better dementia care, and empowering people through free resources and online education courses, such as Dementia: Leading with Understanding to Facilitate Connection and Communication.

An Activity Calendar for Seniors with Dementia: A Guide to Meaningful Engagement

Dementia is a complex and multifaceted condition that affects memory, cognitive abilities, and daily functioning. It is not merely an individual struggle but a shared experience that touches the lives of family members, friends, and caregivers.

Gift Ideas for Dementia Patients in Australia

This article guides you in selecting practical and thoughtful gifts for dementia patients in Australia, like Evaheld, which helps with Legacy and Care planning.

The Role of Life Care Plan Experts

A life care plan expert is a professional who assesses the individuals' medical and non-medical needs, developing a comprehensive plan for their lifetime care.

DIY Gifts for Grandparents: Ideas to Spread Joy

Discover heartfelt DIY gift ideas for beloved grandparents who hold an irreplaceable place in our hearts. Celebrate love and cherished memories in this blog.

Loss of Father, gift for daughter: Meaningful Gifts for those experiencing loss

Losing a father is a heartbreaking experience and in this post we help people to choose a special gift for people experiencing the loss of a father.

Enhancing Wellbeing: Exploring Quality of Life Care Plans

This blog post explores the significance of quality of life care plans and their potential to enhance individual wellbeing.

Rebecca Wellner: Advocating for Dementia Care and Connection

A Dementia Advocate on a journey to create A Sweeter Course, for those with Dementia, and that of their carers and loved ones