End of Life

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Navigating End-of-Life Education with Death Doula Network International

Welcome to the Death Doula Network International (DDNI), where compassion, education, and advocacy converge to redefine support in death care.

End-of-Life Learning with Here to Honor

Evaheld is proudly partnering with Here to Honor to deepen your understanding of end-of-life care to better prepare for the future.

LegalWill.com.au - Australia's Most Trusted DIY Legal Will Provider

With LegalWill.com.au, creating a will has never been easier. It’s crucial to have a legally valid will to protect your family's future and assets, and LegalWill.com.au offers affordable solutions to ensure your wishes are carried out.

Unveiling the Power of Legacy

Legacy, a word that carries immense weight and significance, is often associated with the lasting impact individuals leave behind. In this blog post, we will explore the essence of Legacy and how it can be a powerful tool for preserving memories and wisdom for future generations.

The Australian Doula College: Honouring Life’s Transitions

Australia’s pre-eminent education, support and membership organisation for Doulas.

Brainstrust: The Brain Cancer People

Braintrust U.K. offers support and resources to assist individuals with a brain tumour, as well as their loved ones, live the life they want after diagnosis.

Evaheld proudly supports Derek’s Place

Derek’s Place is an organisation that provides support and assistance to families with a terminally ill parent.

Proudly supporting Derek's Place: Creating Lasting Memories and Support for Families in Need

Derek’s Place provides grants of up to $1,000 for families with a terminally ill parent and a child under 13. These grants assist in creating memorable experiences or covering funeral costs. Our simple application process and quick review aim to ease financial strains and support families in making meaningful memories.

Be remembered the way you want to be remembered With Advance Care Planning Victoria

Advance Care Planning Victoria (Within Victoria), and how you can be assisted. Preserve your legacy and future-proof your voice, even in unforeseeable circumstances

Why you should look forward with Advance Care Planning QLD: Its importance and benefits to you and your family.

This blog post discusses advance care planning QLD (in Queensland) and provides examples to resources that can be available in assisting this.

Loss of Father, gift for daughter: Meaningful Gifts for those experiencing loss

Losing a father is a heartbreaking experience and in this post we help people to choose a special gift for people experiencing the loss of a father.

Fun Ideas for Hospice Patients

Hospice patients, facing life's end, deserve moments of joy and fun, offering comfort, dignity, and embracing the richness of their remaining days.