Proudly supporting Derek's Place: Creating Lasting Memories and Support for Families in Need

Derek’s Place provides grants of up to $1,000 for families with a terminally ill parent and a child under 13. These grants assist in creating memorable experiences or covering funeral costs. Our simple application process and quick review aim to ease financial strains and support families in making meaningful memories.

The Mission of Derek's Place

Derek's Place is a compassionate and dedicated organisation that strives to provide support and assistance to individuals and families during challenging times. Our mission is to ease the financial burden of memory and funeral expenses, enhance the well-being of children in hospitals through play therapy packs, and build a supportive facility for end-of-life care. Through these initiatives, we aim to bring healing and comfort to those who need it the most.

Watch the interview between Evaheld and Rachel Brittliff about Derek’s Place

Derek's Place is a charity that offers financial grants and support to families where one parent is terminally ill and they have children under 13. This blog post will explore the mission and services of Derek's Place, as well as the personal story behind its creation.

Providing Financial Grants for Memory and Funeral Expenses

Losing a loved one is undoubtedly one of the most difficult experiences in life. In addition to the overwhelming emotional toll, there are oftentimes significant financial burdens associated with memory and funeral expenses. Derek's Place understands the importance of honoring and remembering our loved ones without the added stress of financial strain.

We believe that everyone deserves a proper farewell to celebrate their life and say goodbye with dignity. That's why Derek's Place provides financial grants to assist individuals and families with memory and funeral expenses. These grants can alleviate the financial burden and allow individuals to focus on grieving and healing without the added stress of financial worry.

Launching a New Service for Play Therapy Packs in Hospitals

Children who are undergoing medical treatment in hospitals face unique challenges and often experience a wide range of emotions. Play therapy has been proven to be effective in helping children cope with their medical conditions and improve their overall well-being. Derek's Place recognizes the importance of play therapy and is committed to providing support to children in hospitals through the launch of a new service - play therapy packs.

Our play therapy packs are carefully curated with age-appropriate toys, games, and activities that promote healing, creativity, and emotional well-being. These packs are designed to bring joy and distraction to children during their hospital stay, allowing them to engage in play and express themselves in a safe and therapeutic environment.

By providing play therapy packs, Derek's Place aims to create a positive and nurturing experience for children in hospitals, empowering them to navigate their medical journey with resilience and hope.

Long-Term Goal of Building a Supportive Facility for End-of-Life Care

As we look towards the future, Derek's Place has a long-term goal of building a supportive facility for end-of-life care. We believe that individuals who are nearing the end of their lives deserve comfort, dignity, and respect during this vulnerable time. Our vision is to create a space that provides comprehensive care and support for both individuals and their families.

This supportive facility will offer a range of services, including palliative care, emotional and spiritual support, and grief counseling. Our dedicated team will work closely with medical professionals and caregivers to ensure that each individual's physical, emotional, and spiritual needs are met.

In addition to providing end-of-life care, the facility will also serve as a space for community engagement and education. We envision hosting workshops, support groups, and educational events to promote open conversations about end-of-life care and facilitate the sharing of experiences and knowledge.

Building a supportive facility for end-of-life care is a significant undertaking, but we firmly believe in the positive impact it will have on individuals and families facing this journey. Derek's Place is committed to making this long-term goal a reality in order to provide compassionate care and support to those in need.

Watch the interview between Evaheld and Rachel Brittliff about Derek’s Place

The Inspiration behind Derek's Place

Derek, a landscape gardener diagnosed with a terminal brain tumor, has inspired the creation of Derek's Place. This unique project focuses on the importance of creating lasting memories and quality time with family, while also leaving behind a legacy for Derek's son Christian.

Diagnosis and Determination

In the world of landscape gardening, Derek was known for his mastery and passion. However, his life took an unexpected turn when he received the devastating news of being diagnosed with a terminal brain tumor. This life-altering diagnosis left Derek with limited time and countless emotions.

Instead of succumbing to despair, Derek chose to channel his energy into something positive – creating a legacy that would continue to bring joy and inspiration to others. Thus, Derek's Place was born—a testament to his resilience, creativity, and love for his family.

Creating Memories and Quality Time

Inspired by his own journey, Derek recognized the importance of cherishing the time spent with loved ones. As the saying goes, "Time is the most precious gift you can give." With this in mind, Derek's Place was designed to facilitate creating precious memories and fostering quality time with family.

The gardens and landscapes at Derek's Place have been carefully crafted to provide a serene and peaceful environment. The beauty of nature combined with thoughtful design elements evokes a sense of tranquility, allowing families to escape the demands of everyday life and focus on what truly matters—each other.

Whether it's strolling through vibrant flower gardens, enjoying picnics in lush green spaces, or simply relishing the sound of birds chirping, Derek's Place offers a sanctuary for families to connect, unwind, and create lifelong memories together.

Establishment and Impact of Derek's Place

Derek's Place is a charitable organization that was established after the passing of Derek, a compassionate and community-minded individual who always had a knack for helping others. The organization was founded with the aim of providing support to families and individuals who are facing challenging circumstances.

“The people who is supporting the person at the end of their life, they need support. They can’t carry it all on their own. They need their own cheer squad.”

  • Rachel Brittliff

Registered as a Charity

After Derek's unfortunate demise, his family and close friends were determined to continue his legacy of kindness and compassion. They decided to create Derek's Place as a registered charity, ensuring that their initiatives would have a lasting impact on the lives of those in need.

By registering as a charity, Derek's Place has gained credibility and transparency in their operations. This legal status enables them to raise funds from various sources, including public donations, grants, and partnerships with other organizations.

Being a registered charity also means that Derek's Place is accountable to the community and is subject to regulations set by the relevant authorities. This ensures that the organization operates with integrity and adheres to ethical practices in all its activities.

Positive Feedback from Families who Received Grants

One of the most significant impacts of Derek's Place is the positive feedback received from families who have benefited from their grants. These grants are designed to provide financial support to families facing financial hardships due to various reasons such as medical expenses, loss of income, or other unexpected circumstances.

The grants provided by Derek's Place have helped families in fulfilling their immediate needs and alleviating some of the burdens they face. Families have expressed their gratitude for the financial assistance, which has allowed them to focus on their well-being and that of their loved ones.

Moreover, these grants have also contributed to strengthening the sense of community among the families who have received support from Derek's Place. When families receive assistance during difficult times, they feel a sense of connection and belonging, knowing that there are people who genuinely care about their well-being.

Insights on the Need for Support and Maximizing Quality Time

Through their work, Derek's Place has gained valuable insights into the need for support and the importance of maximizing quality time for families facing adversity. Many families, who are under financial strain or dealing with challenging circumstances, often find it difficult to provide their loved ones with the care and attention they deserve.

By offering financial assistance and resources, Derek's Place aims to alleviate some of the stress faced by these families, enabling them to spend more quality time together. This time spent together can have a profound impact on bonding and creating lasting memories, even in the face of adversity.

Derek's Place also recognizes the importance of emotional support and has incorporated counseling services into their initiatives. They understand that during tough times, families need someone to lean on and share their feelings with. The organization provides professional counseling services and emotional support to families, helping them navigate through their challenges and build resilience.

Additionally, Derek's Place emphasizes the significance of community involvement in providing support. They actively engage volunteers and encourage community members to contribute their time and skills to assist families in need. This community-driven approach not only maximizes the impact of the organization but also fosters a sense of togetherness and collective responsibility.

The Importance of End-of-Life Advocacy and Care

End-of-life advocacy and care is a critical aspect of healthcare that focuses on providing support, comfort, and dignity to individuals nearing the end of their lives. It involves ensuring that patients have access to the necessary medical and emotional support, as well as helping families navigate through the difficult journey of saying goodbye to their loved ones. In navigating through difficulty, making decisions sooner about the health care you would or would not like to receive, if you were seriously ill and unable to communicate, can be beneficial and so advocating for a care plan is essential to assist in the end–of-life journey.

Leaving the World with Dignity

One of the fundamental principles of end-of-life advocacy and care is the promotion of dignity for individuals in their final moments. This involves recognizing and respecting their autonomy, wishes, and values. Patients should have the right to make decisions about their care, such as whether to pursue life-sustaining treatments or opt for palliative care. By honoring their choices, we allow them to retain a sense of control and agency over their life until the very end.

In addition to honoring patients’ wishes, end-of-life advocates also focus on managing pain and discomfort. Palliative care and pain management techniques are essential in ensuring that patients are as comfortable as possible during their final days. This goes beyond just physical comfort and extends to emotional and spiritual support as well.

End-of-life advocates also play a crucial role in facilitating conversations about death and dying. They help patients and their families navigate through difficult discussions, making sure that everyone understands the prognosis and the available options. By providing a safe space for open and honest communication, advocates enable families to make informed decisions and find closure.

Support for Families During a Difficult Time

End-of-life advocacy and care not only focuses on the patients but also provides support to their families. As a loved one approaches the end of their life, family members often experience a wide range of emotions such as grief, loss, sadness, and even guilt. The role of an advocate is to offer emotional support, education, and guidance to help them cope with these difficult emotions.

One way advocates support families is by providing them with resources and information about end-of-life care options. They help families understand what to expect during the dying process, including the physical and emotional changes that may occur. This knowledge empowers families to be more involved in their loved one’s care and ensures that they can provide the necessary support.

Grief counseling is another essential component of end-of-life advocacy and care. Advocates work with bereaved families to help them navigate through the grieving process. They provide a safe and supportive environment where families can share their emotions and memories, helping them find meaning and healing in their loss.

Rachel's Perspective on Not Taking Time for Granted

One of the most powerful aspects of end-of-life advocacy and care is gaining insights from individuals who have experienced the end-of-life journey firsthand. Rachel, a patient who faced a terminal illness, shared her perspective on the importance of not taking time for granted.

"Before my diagnosis, I often found myself caught up in the busyness of life. I was always rushing from one thing to another, never fully present in the moment. But whenI was faced with the reality of my limited time left, everything changed. I realized that time is the most precious gift we have, and it should never be squandered."

  • Rachel Brittliff

Rachel's perspective highlights the importance of living with intention and cherishing every moment. It serves as a reminder to embrace the present and make the most of the time we have with our loved ones. It also emphasizes the significance of end-of-life advocacy and care in helping individuals and families create meaningful experiences during their remaining time together.

End-of-life advocacy and care is not just about providing medical support; it's about ensuring that individuals leave this world with dignity and that their families receive the necessary care and support throughout the journey. It requires open and honest communication, compassion, and a deep understanding of the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of patients and their loved ones. By advocating for end-of-life care, we can make a significant difference in the lives of those facing their final moments. End-of-life advocacy can also on top of necessary care, be ways families can live on in the posthumous life of their loved one. This can involve the preservation of their legacy through care planning.

Watch the interview between Evaheld and Rachel Brittliff about Derek’s Place

Making the Most of Life

Rachel firmly believes that life is meant to be lived to the fullest. She believes that everyone has the potential to achieve greatness and make a difference in their own unique way. To make the most of life, Rachel emphasizes the importance of pursuing passions and embracing new experiences.

One of the ways Rachel has embraced this philosophy is by constantly challenging herself to step outside of her comfort zone. From traveling to new destinations to trying out new hobbies, she believes that pushing boundaries leads to personal growth and a deeper appreciation for life.

Rachel is also a firm believer in setting goals and working diligently towards achieving them. Whether it's personal or professional goals, she understands the importance of having a clear direction and putting in the necessary effort to make dreams a reality.

Furthermore, Rachel encourages others to practice gratitude and mindfulness on a daily basis. By being present in the moment and acknowledging the blessings in life, she believes that one can find joy even in the simplest of things.

Derek's Place stands as a beacon of hope and support for families facing the challenges of terminal illness. Through its financial grants for memory and funeral expenses, play therapy packs for children in hospitals, and its long-term goal of building a supportive facility for end-of-life care, Derek's Place embodies compassion and healing. Inspired by Derek's own journey, the organization strives to create lasting memories, support, and dignity for families in need. As Rachel's perspective reminds us, time is a precious gift, and Derek's Place seeks to make the most of every moment, helping families cherish their time together and find comfort during difficult times.

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