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Derek’s Place is an organisation that provides support and assistance to families with a terminally ill parent.

Derek’s place is a compassionate and dedicated organisation that strives to provide support to families during tremendous adversity. Their vision is to build a place where families with young children, who are losing a loved one to terminal illness, can spend their final time together comfortably in a living and home-life environment. They aim to provide support through assisting in easing financial burden of memory and funeral expenses, enhancing the well-being of children in hospitals through play therapy packs, and to build that supportive facility for

Significance of Evaheld and Derek’s Place

With the opportunity and support both Evaheld and Derek’s Place can offer, this can provide families with immense intangible value. They can be left with memories, messages and a legacy that will be passed down for generations through a care plan, providing inspiration and establishing a deeper connection, just like how Derek’s legacy is being continued to this day.

Understanding and having experienced the difficulty and adversity a family with a terminally ill parent could be going through, Derek’s Place can offer resourceful support to assist with this experience. Through providing grants and providing education to support themselves during such a period can offer a much more positive experience for the individual and the people around them. In promoting a more positive experience in the transition of life, Evaheld offers great significance to people through the emotional support and self-preservation of an individual and the people around them posthumously. Through a care plan then can make your legacy everlasting, this can provide a peace of mind to the individual and leave immense intangible value to the people around them with their everlasting legacy.

Having experienced the loss of Derek and what that meant to this organisation, they aim to ensure that individuals in a similar scenario can have a better experience. Derek’s Place offer resources that can be educational and supportive, assisting in care planning and establishing a deeper connection.

Evaheld can provide that opportunity for families to safe-keep and future-proof the memories they’ll have of their loved one through content planning and empowering human connection one less word unsaid at a time. This can assist you in creating something meaningful and memorable for the individual experiencing illness and the people around them.

Watch Rachel Brittliff talk briefly about Derek’s Place, history and mission

Like Derek’s Place, Evaheld aims to provide support to these families. In establishing connections and providing an opportunity to preserve stories, messages and their legacy. Evaheld can provide emotional support and especially assist during the end-of-life stages for the individual. Further support is provided to the family with an advanced care plan that can assist in the transition of life for not just the individual but for the people around them to ensure that their experience is smoother and more positive.

Derek’s Place’s Messages to the World

Don’t take time for granted. Time spent worrying over things that don’t matter is time not spent loving people that you want to love.”

“Don’t let opportunities pass you by. Don’t think, I’ll go away with that friend another time I’m too busy.”

  • Rachel Brittliff


Derek’s Place was featured in an interview with Evaheld on youtube. Below is an excerpt from the interview where Rachel talks about Derek and the mission to support young families with a terminally ill parent.

Rachel Britliff

“Derek was, you know, 34. He had a four year old son, a wife. He had the life he had always wanted. And when Derek died, she said to me, I want a legacy for Derek. And I said, well, let's build the place we wanted for him.”

Michelle Gomes

“Hi everyone, thank you so much for joining us. We're here today with Rachel Brittliff, the secretary of Derek's Place. Thank you so much for joining us today, Rachel.”

Rachel Britliff

“Thank you for having me.”

Michelle Gomes

“So we'll start with, what is Derek's Place? And how did it come to be?”

Rachel Britliff

“Derek's Place at the moment is an organisation which provides support to families with children under the age of 13 with a terminally ill parent.

The key things we offer at the moment are memory and funeral grants of up to a thousand dollars.

We're also about to launch a very new service which is based on our experience when we lost Derek. We found that hospital rooms aren't the greatest places to try and occupy children. And it creates lots of stress on the remaining parent or carer because they're going through grieving, they're wanting to be there for their partner, and they're also wanting to connect and be there with their children. And we've put together packs by age that we're gonna provide to the family.

And our long-term goal is to build Derek's place which will be a custom facility where families can come to stay at the end of life, and they can remain together for that time in a very supportive environment.

And our long-term goal is to build Derek's place which will be a custom facility where families can come to stay at the end of life, and they can remain together for that time in a very supportive environment.”

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