Navigating End-of-Life Education with Death Doula Network International

Welcome to the Death Doula Network International (DDNI), where compassion, education, and advocacy converge to redefine support in death care.

In a world where conversations about death are often hushed and avoided, there exists a pioneering community dedicated to transforming attitudes towards mortality and end-of-life care. Welcome to the Death Doula Network International (DDNI), where compassion, education, and advocacy converge to redefine support in death care.

Death Doula Network International (DDNI) is a membership network dedicated to death doulas and professionals in death care. Explore the 'Dishing Doulas' podcast and discover membership benefits, training offers, services, and products available. This blog post will explore a passionate community committed to connection, support, and education in the realm of death literacy and positivity.

Introduction to DDNI

Delving into the fascinating realm of Death Doula Network International (DDNI), one encounters a wealth of enriching information and initiatives aimed at redefining perceptions of death and end-of-life care. Let us guide you through the key aspects that define DDNI.

Overview of Death Doula Network International

DDNI serves as a membership network catering to death doulas and various other professionals involved in end-of-life planning and care. It provides a platform for individuals to access essential resources and education contributing to the death-positive movement. The network not only offers valuable insights but also fosters a sense of community and support among its members.

Mission and Vision of DDNI

At the heart of DDNI are its mission and vision, centred around creating a supportive and educative environment for anyone interested in Death Literacy and Positivity. The network aims to connect individuals, facilitate learning opportunities, and promote personal and professional growth within the realm of death care. By emphasising shared learning, DDNI endeavours to cultivate camaraderie and trust among its members.

Podcast 'Dishing Doulas'

A dynamic feature of DDNI is the podcast titled 'Dishing Doulas'. This engaging podcast serves as a platform for in-depth discussions, interviews, and insights into the world of death doulas, end-of-life planning, and related topics. Through 'Dishing Doulas', members and listeners can gain valuable knowledge, perspectives, and experiences shared by prominent figures in the death care industry.

Exploring DDNI unveils an enlightening journey, revealing the intricate tapestry of resources, community, and opportunities it offers to individuals passionate about reshaping societal attitudes towards death. Stay tuned as we delve deeper into the impactful initiatives and stories defining the essence of Death Doula Network International.

Listen to Leslie Buller-Hayes’s mission to transform the narrative surrounding dying and death

Membership Benefits

As a member of Death Doula Network International, one gains access to a range of valuable benefits enhancing the experience in the death care industry. These benefits contribute to professional development and provide networking opportunities within the community.

  • Access to Training Workshops and Programs: Membership offers exclusive access to training workshops and programmes designed to enhance skills, knowledge, and expertise in death care and end-of-life planning. Participation in these programmes keeps members updated with industry trends and best practices, ultimately improving the quality of care provided to individuals and families.

  • Networking Opportunities with Death Industry Professionals: Joining Death Doula Network International allows members to forge valuable connections with other professionals in the death care industry. Networking opportunities enable interaction with like-minded individuals, building relationships and exchanging ideas and experiences. These connections not only broaden professional networks but also create a supportive community for learning and collaboration.

  • Business Directory Listing and Mentorship/Coaching Options: Membership privileges include a business directory listing, increasing visibility and credibility within the industry. Additionally, mentorship and coaching options provide valuable guidance and support from experienced entrepreneurs, doulas, and educators. This personalised assistance helps navigate challenges and accelerate professional growth in the death care field.

The membership benefits offered by Death Doula Network International have been instrumental in enriching the journey in the death care industry. From training opportunities to networking events and mentorship programmes, the network provides a holistic platform for growth, education, and collaboration.

Training and Education Programs

As a member of Death Doula Network International (DDNI), access is provided to a variety of valuable training and education programmes tailored to interests and professional development.

Training Calendar and Offers at DDNI

The training calendar at DDNI is consistently filled with enriching and informative sessions designed to enhance skills as a Death Doula. These workshops and programmes cover topics related to end-of-life planning, death education, and personal growth within the industry.

Find training details here

Death Doula Coaching

A standout feature of DDNI is the availability of death doula coaching and mentorship programmes, connecting members with experienced professionals who provide valuable guidance and support on their journey.

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Mentorship Program

The DDNI Mentorship Program is designed to guide and support new or emerging death doulas on their journey towards building successful and impactful businesses. Whether you're just starting out without a business name or website, or you're seeking clarity on defining your services and pricing, this program is tailored to meet your needs.

What You Can Expect:

  • Professional Mentorship: Benefit from 30 weeks of dedicated mentorship, business development insights, and coaching support to navigate the intricacies of starting and growing your death doula practice.

  • Group Coaching Sessions: Engage in 20 hours of group mentorship coaching across 10 sessions with a maximum of 6 participants per group, fostering collective insights and creative problem-solving.

  • Comprehensive Resources: Gain access to essential tools and resources necessary for launching and managing your business effectively, including sample client agreements, marketing strategies, and networking tips.

  • Personal Growth: Beyond business development, the program nurtures your personal growth, helping you gain confidence in promoting your services and navigating client communications.

  • Community and Connection: Join a supportive peer group that offers encouragement, empowerment, and personal connections, creating a space to share challenges, celebrate successes, and build lasting relationships.

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Product Store and Affiliate Partner Products

DDNI offers access to a product store and affiliate partner products relevant to the death care industry. Explore a diverse range of resources, tools, and products complementing work as a Death Doula.

In conclusion, the training and education programmes at DDNI provide a comprehensive platform for learning, growth, and connection within the death care community. Engage with the training calendar, coaching and mentorship programmes, and product store to enhance skills and expertise as a Death Doula.

Services and Products

As a death doula and member of Death Doula Network International (DDNI), there is an opportunity to explore a wide range of services and products catering to death doulas and professionals in the industry.

Range of Services Offered by DDNI

DDNI provides a comprehensive range of services supporting and educating death doulas and professionals in the field. From Death Doula Coaching to Mentorship Programmes, DDNI offers guidance and training to enhance skills and expertise.

Product Store Offerings for Death Doulas

The product store features a curated selection of resources and tools tailored to the needs of death doulas. Whether seeking educational materials, planning resources, or essential supplies, the store offers items supporting work as a death doula.

Affiliate Partner Products for Members

DDNI collaborates with affiliate partners to offer exclusive products and services to its members, enhancing professional development and growth opportunities.

The services and products available through DDNI are tailored to meet the unique needs of death doulas and professionals in the field, striving to be a valuable asset in the journey as a death care professional.

Discover Death Doula Network’s range of products here

Community Building and Networking

Welcome to the vibrant world of community building and networking within Death Doula Network International! Foster an environment thriving on camaraderie, shared learning, and growth opportunities.

Connecting through Camaraderie and Support

At the core of the network lies a deep sense of camaraderie and support, coming together not just for learning but for building lasting relationships.

Customer Testimonials

"Huron Shores Hospice acquired training and materials through the Death Doula Network of BC with the goal of continued education of our hospice team. The overall experience was excellent, from my preliminary meeting with Jo-Anne and Karen to discuss our organization’s training needs to the 3-part educational series itself. Our volunteer team participated in the training over three consecutive weekly sessions which delivered pertinent information to their role and resulted in increased comfort and knowledge of the dying process. Both Jo-Anne and Karen were professional and knowledgeable and elicited great conversation that our team felt was beneficial in their role as support volunteers. "

- Cathy Herbert, Executive Director, Huron Shores Hospice, Ontario

"I have grown so much in understanding my role as a Death Doula since joining, Karen Hendrickson and Jo-Ann Haun at DDNBC. Their outstanding level of knowledge of Death Doula work, plus their ability to make you feel safe and comfortable is beyond what I was expecting. I always leave the workshops feeling full, excited to be on this journey, and grateful to have this venue to learn. Thank you,"

- Elaine Tess - Goodbyes Matter

Unlocking Personal and Professional Growth Opportunities

Being part of the Death Doula Network International (DDNI) opens doors to personal and professional growth. Members have the opportunity to engage in business directory listings, mentorship, and coaching sessions.

Join in this enriching journey of building connections, nurturing knowledge, and fostering growth within DDNI. Flourish in a supportive environment where connections flourish, knowledge is exchanged, and personal and professional development is nurtured.

Unlock the potential to make a meaningful difference in end-of-life care—find out your membership options now.

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